The mystery of the executioner

Will you choose the right path to follow?

Whispers of Prague: The executioner’s last cut

Coming in September 2024.

The first two chapters are completely finished, as well as a significant portion of the third chapter. We are continuously improving the outline of the fourth and fifth chapters, which will conclude our story. Stay with us. 😎

  • What can you tell me about the history of the executioner Mydlář?
  • Hmm, Jan Mydlář, a controversial figure in our history. His remains were laid to rest at the Church of St. Stephen. However, the adjacent cemetery was abolished in 1784 for the construction of a primary school, more than a century after Mydlář’s death. By the way, he lived to the ripe age of 92. Few people know that Mydlář’s original tomb was briefly looted before the cemetery was developed.
  • Really? I’ve never heard about that. Isn’t it just a legend?
  • Perhaps yes, perhaps no. In our cemetery, there is the grave of a certain Střezimír Hemzál, who allegedly had this godless act on his conscience. The priest, to whom he confessed before his death, briefly mentioned it in his will. He didn’t provide any details, understandably, as he was bound by the seal of confession. Nevertheless, he did not shy away from words like signum diaboli, in infernum detrude, ius gladii, and others.
  • This is quite a dark history. May I take a look at that will?
  • I’m sorry, church documents are not accessible to the public. However, I think you wouldn’t find anything unusual in it anyway. The priest needed to ease his conscience because the seal of confession prevented him from reporting the wrongdoer to the police. If such a crime even occurred, though.