Four done, one to go

Since the last entry, barely a month has passed, and we can already boast the completion of the fourth chapter of our story. Once again, we managed to introduce several new elements into Whispers of Prague – the main character finds himself in an urban setting where he must employ his oratory skills to gain access to certain closed locations, inevitably ringing doorbells and engaging in juicy conversations with awkward apartment dwellers.

And as we can see from the screenshot, exploration of dark spaces using a flashlight, mobile phone, and other useful items also comes into play. Onward we go! Work on the fifth and final chapter smoothly continues.

How does the statistics at the end of the fourth chapter look? The total number of locations has increased to 64 and the word count has exceeded 800 thousand, which equals almost 450 pages of standard text. I think we can be quite satisfied with the ongoing progress.

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