Are you having technical difficulties with Whispers of Prague? You might find the answer on this page. If not, feel free to write to us.

The game won’t start and displays some mysterious Vulkan error.

Whispers of Prague runs on Godot Engine version 4, which requires a graphics card with full support for Vulkan, a standardized system for high-performance graphics operations. It is possible that some older PC configurations do not support this system, and therefore the game will not run. However, Vulkan drivers exist for practically all newer graphics cards, so the simplest solution is usually to update the graphics card driver to the latest version.

The game still doesn’t start or suddenly crashes.

It’s likely a bug that we haven’t managed to uncover yet, or it’s related to a specific version of the game. Please send us the logs that the game creates in the directory C:/Users/<UserName>/AppData/Roaming/Whispers of Prague/logs (<UserName> is your specific directory in Windows), preferably via email to

The game is slow on my 4K display connected to an older laptop.

If you have encountered this problem, find the Stretch Mode option on the Settings screen (in-game) and switch the value to Viewport. While this mode may cause some graphical elements (such as text) to be rendered less smoothly, it will increase overall graphic performance.