Epilogue and achievements

Every proper adventure should end with an epilogue, right? I mean, five chapters is a decent amount of content, but an epilogue provides the right closure to the story with additional explanations of some unresolved matters. And that’s precisely what we’ve added to Whispers of Prague as the final touch to an already substantial amount of content.

What else can be said about our project? The number of tracks in the musical background of the game scenes has grown to 34, and it will be our pleasure to offer the complete soundtrack as a DLC when the finished game is released on Steam in September 2024.

Whispers of Prague contains 30 achievements that players can unlock during gameplay. Some are easy, as they stem directly from the main storyline. Others are more complex and require completing a sequence of tasks to achieve. There’s definitely something for everyone.

We have hidden 10 coins in the game. Finding them is not necessary to complete the game, but it’s an interesting side quest that also leads to unlocking some achievements. The location of the coins is randomly generated from 15 different possibilities for each new game. Can you find all ten?

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