Secret of the Sword

Whispers of Prague is entering the final stages of development! Not that we’re at the end of the fifth chapter just yet, but we’ve certainly progressed beyond the halfway point of this final chapter of our story. It’s definitely a wonderful feeling, which is further enhanced by the multitude of effects we’ve added to the game so far – dynamically generated rain, light flickering in puddles on the road, flashing streetlamps, and many more.

The hero, Viktor Durand, is nearing several pivotal decisions. I’d love to reveal more, but I can’t. 😎 This is a common dilemma in adventure games. It’s incredibly difficult to choose which images and hints of the plot to reveal without giving away too much. What I can reveal, however, is that the amount of text we’ve used in the game is nearing 500 pages of a standard book. I believe that an adventure should be primarily based on text and dialogue – and we’ve managed to fulfill that more than satisfactorily. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a book version someday. 📖

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