The end is nigh!

The end is near! Yesterday, we finished designing the final scene that will appear in the game Whispers of Prague, which is another important milestone. You could say that we have completed the most challenging part of the development, and now we face many hours, days, and weeks of refining details, adding effects, fine-tuning game logic, further branching the already quite branched dialogues, etc. The work goes much more smoothly now that we finally know its overall scope. 😺

So, what does the game look like now?

  • 5 chapters, including 1 intro, 4 “meanwhile” cutscenes, and 1 epilogue
  • 72 locations (maybe 73 or more if we decide to add optional secret places)
  • 38 characters to interact with
  • 500 pages of text
  • a soundtrack with 32 original compositions
  • and, hopefully, an interesting and thrilling story

Wishlist our game on Steam! 😎