After 9 months from the day we wrote the first line of code and drew the first scene, we can declare that our game Whispers of Prague is completely finished. It’s not a bad result at all, considering that there are only two of us on the team and half of the team was working only part-time. It’s a pity that we ended up without voice acting, but what isn’t there now can be added later. There are plenty of games of this type where no character speaks, and yet they become very successful.

We have planned the game release for September 2024, so what do we plan to do in the meantime?

  • Test, test, and test even more. Although the game is very stable, and we managed to fix all major bugs, there’s always some minor detail we might have overlooked. Ongoing testing has shown that players often choose approaches we didn’t anticipate during the story design, and we need to consider those possibilities as well. But that’s a good thing! We want the player not to be forced to complete tasks in a predetermined order, but to choose for themselves what to do and why. Additionally, some non-standard performances will be rewarded with achievements, which could also increase the level of replayability.
  • Improve the graphics. As I described on the FAQ page, the game’s graphics were created as a combination of hand-drawing, AI generation, and additional effects. Although we are satisfied with the result, we still have the feeling that the amount of hand-drawn work could be increased, which we plan to focus on during the few months remaining until the release.
  • Proofreading. Given the amount of text we used in the game, it’s quite possible that we haven’t caught all the typos and grammatical errors yet. Additionally, the story evolved and changed as we added more chapters, which could have led to inconsistencies in the development of individual characters appearing in the game. We want the final story to form a perfect whole, where everything fits together, even if the player skips some optional storylines.
  • And plenty of other things that we will think of. Even details like a quality game manual can contribute to the overall good impression.

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