About Us

Hi there! We are Shader Mess, a small development studio from Prague, Czech Republic. Our first project is the classic point-and-click adventure Whispers of Prague, and its demo will soon be available on Steam. We will be sharing all updates on this blog, so don’t forget to visit us occasionally. We look forward to your feedback. 😎

Our team

The team is currently composed of two enthusiasts who possess multiple skills, allowing them to take on several roles simultaneously.

Filip Rachůnek: Programmer, music composer, writer and storyteller. With his microphone, he captures original sound effects for our games and often seeks inspiration for composing soundtracks at the piano.

Jiří Procházka: Lead programmer, producer of graphic assets, master of visual effects. If you come across shining lanterns, flickering candles or flowing fountains in our games, you can be sure that it is his original work.