The third chapter is complete

Hello, adventurers! It’s always a bit more challenging to inform about the progress in the development of an adventure game because too many screenshots or in-game details would reveal too much of the plot. That’s why we prefer to write these updates less frequently, especially after reaching a milestone.

Anyway, we’re still here and gaining momentum. Recently, we successfully completed the development of the third chapter of our game Whispers of Prague, and I can say it’s the most extensive part of the adventure yet, spanning across 25 screens. The main character temporarily leaves Prague to follow a tangled web of stories in a rural setting, which is no less mysterious than the urban one. And because we aim to bring something new in each chapter, the third installment of the game is no exception – players will encounter original puzzles, navigate through a forest maze (not too complicated as our main focus is still on the story), face confrontations with the police, etc.

To keep up the pace, development of the fourth chapter has already begun. Stay tuned for more updates and ongoing reports.

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