Hello everyone! This is Filip, also known as FencerDevLog on YouTube, currently representing the half of the Shader Mess team. It’s always a pleasure to announce that work on the game is proceeding according to plan. Recently, we’ve made significant progress in the creation of the third chapter, and for a while, I’ve taken on the role of a programmer in developing a new mechanism that will introduce another pseudo-random element into the game. We aim to include many similar elements that will positively impact the non-linearity of the story. However, I won’t reveal too many details just yet.

Today I conducted a routine check of the status of Whispers of Prague and found that as of today (February 23, 2024), we have exactly 44 locations completed. That’s a very nice number, considering that we’re about halfway through development, so the chances of the final product containing at least 100 locations have significantly increased. And even if their number doesn’t reach a hundred, nothing terrible will happen. Adventure games rely primarily on the story, dialogues, and plot twists. Considering how much text we’ve put together so far, the result will definitely be worth it.

Take care and stay safe!