The development update

The development is actively continuing! Recently, we’ve added random events to the game, introducing side quests for greater variability. I believe this will make the game more interesting, as each playthrough will be slightly different, offering a slightly new experience, which could increase replayability. Additionally, we’ve made progress in creating the third chapter, and we’re increasingly pleased with the story. Hopefully, you will enjoy it too.

I don’t want to reveal more to avoid depriving you of the proper gaming experience. It’s enough to say that all side quests will be optional, and the game can be completed without them. However, if a player chooses to tackle them, they will uncover a lot of new information that may be useful in later chapters, as it will open up new possibilities for dealing with the main task. Those who truly enjoy adventures will definitely not want to miss this opportunity.

Stay tuned! And if you’re interested in the game from a technical perspective, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I frequently post tutorials related to various effects and algorithms used in the game. The channel could be helpful for those who would like to delve into game development themselves.

And even if not, please subscribe anyway, as it will support us. 😎

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